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Some of the best magicians from around the world have made the long trip to Lübeck to present to you their expertise. During the 4th Lübeck Magic-Days,
which will be held 27th-28th September 2013, they will be teaching aprox. 250 magicians from all over the world.

You would like to attend our exclusive convention “Nordisch Nobel” as well as all the lectures? You’ve come to right place. Register as soon as possible as the number of participants is limited to 250! (register here)

The convention (for magicians only) will be held from 27th-28th September 2013.

“It’s hard to imagine that you could surpass this program” says Daniel Mayer, organizer of the event, “there is not a lot in Germany that could compare to Nordisch Nobel!”

Take a quick look at the fun promotional video of the magic convention “Nordisch Nobel”:


Feel free to read some of the many testimonials we received through eMail or Facebook. In total, over 200 congratulation
mails and messages arrived us:

I have been to many conventions but Nordisch Nobel has been the best so far!

- Bernhard H. / München

Thank you for this great event and everything that had to do with it. I will definitely come again!
I would like to specifically say thank you for the convention DVD, which is simply wonderful!
- Jörg T. / Willstätt

A big thank you! The convention was amazing! Truly world class!
- Nico P. / Timmendorfer Strand

Your convention was fantastic! I had some incredible days in a beautiful city, a great location with many motivated
and friendly helpers and great artists. Keep up the good stuff!
- André K. / Berlin

You did a fantastic job. Congratulations to you and your incredible team and thank you very much for this wonderful weekend! 
The magical evening with Juan was my high point of the three days. Thank you for making this possible!
- Andreas S. / Steinburg

I would like to add my congratulations to the list. Great lectures, amazing gala shows and especially plenty of wonderful talks
to old and new friends. All of this made even the trip from Munich worthwhile!
- Robert E. / Rohr

I would like to take this chance and say thank you for a great convention! Everything was lots of fun! Congratulations!
- Pit H. / Frankfurt

Thanks again for your hospitality, your great enthusiasm and your commitment! It was an amazing convention!
- Jörg A. / Munich

A BIG thank you for two wonderful days. I will definitely be back in two years!
- Marc B. / Langenhagen

Thanks again for the super convention! I had a blast and I’m very happy that I have been a part of it. The list of lecturers
and performers was well chosen and I haven’t heard a single person criticising anything. Keep it up!
- Dirk H. / Bremen

Unfortunately I was unable to attend the convention myself but a friend of mine was one of your guests. He was praising your program
and the organisation! Since I know how much work goes into such a convention I would like to forward his compliments to you.
- Steffen T. / Dresden

My thanks go out to everybody who contributed to Nordisch Nobel for a weekend of the highest class!
You did an amazing job! I will definitely be back next time!
- Marcel K. / Itzstedt

You are not a magician but would like to attend the public gala “Nordisch Nobel” on Sunday September 29th?
Please visit www.nordischnobel.de for further information.