The Artists


Helge Thun (GERMANY)

Helge Thun
 is pure entertainment, whether he is performing magic, juggling, singing or reciting his own poems. 
He eloquently tackles the great banalities of our time. Esprit and puns are his weapons of choice. You don’t have to be a fan
of comedy to enjoy the wittiness of Helge Thun. The way he reaches his audience is unique and surprising
in its spontaneity. Using intelligent puns, theatrical talent and a whole lot of self-irony, he tickles the nerves of his
audience and brings them out of their shell……

Helge Thun is known from radio and TV, has performed on many of the most prestigious stages of the world and is well
known within the magic community. He received many awards including: 2x Magician of the Year as well as
7x German Champion of Magic (in different categories).

Helge Thun will be the emcee for our great gala “Nordisch Nobel”. We are sure you’ll enjoy every minute of it!

Helge Thun

David Kaplan (USA)

David Kaplan
is a virtuoso juggler, magician, inventor, musician and comedian combined in one person.
Entertainment and fun are the most important aspects of his incredible show. Whether he is juggling furniture,
playing a melody on a balloon or invalidating the laws of physics with a bowling ball, his unique style of entertainment
as well as his gags will surprise and delight you.

David Kaplan has won many competitions as well as a lot of awards with his act. Just recently he was awarded the
Mandrake d’Or Award in Paris, France. For the first time David has decided to visit Luebeck to rock “Nordisch Nobel”.

David Kaplan

Scott Land (USA)

Scott Land is a puppeteer at the top of his game. His seasoned performing skills are on display in nearly every scene of
Paramount Pictures’ Team America: World Police. During the making of the movie—the most expensive puppet-driven feature
film ever produced—Scott did more than pull the strings on dozens of lead characters. Throughout the 4 months of shooting,
Land lent his expertise to director/producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone who, shot by shot, relied on his 25 years of marionette
experience to help them create their landmark film. Other screen credits include Disney’s The Princess Diaries 2, for which he
created and performed a Julie Andrews look-alike marionette, seen on the Special Features section of the DVD.
His other TV and film credits include Pee Wee’s Playhouse, The Ben Stiller Show, Still Breathing, Shakes the Clown and
Rodney Dangerfield’s Birthday Bash.
 Equipped with the skill, experience and a natural business sense, The Scott Land Marionettes
opened for business in 1985. Since then, Land has performed some 10,000 shows worldwide at theatres, convention centers,
theme parks, corporate events and on cruise lines. Scott has entertained at more celebrity private parties than any other puppeteer.

His clientele reads like a “Who’s-Who” list of Hollywood: Sylvester Stallone, Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Whoopi Goldberg,
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, Pee Wee Herman, Tom Hanks, Rod Stewart, Meg Ryan and many more. 

Scott has himself experienced the limelight having acted in dozens of national television commercials - without puppets - a little
known fact. And he is one of a few marionette artists to be invited to perform at the legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood.
In 2006, he traveled to Tibet and gave a special performance for the Dalai Lama, delighting his Holiness with
a “mini-me” marionette version of himself.

Scott Land

Martin Eisele (GERMANY)

Martin Eisele was the first German magician to become world champion of close-up magic. He may be 
Swabian but he will win you over with his humorous and clever ways nonetheless! Be prepared for 
a kind of act you haven’t seen before. Besides the world championship, Martin has won numerous other awards. 
As an example, he was named Magician of the Year by the MZvD in 2006.

In 2005 he became the International Close-Up Champion of Italy, German Champion of Magic and 
was also awarded the Kevin Reay Trophy in London, England.

We are looking forward to 2013, when Martin Eisele will be lecturing and performing 
his brand of magic at “Nordisch Nobel”

Huang Zheng (CHINA)

Huang Zheng combines her oriental charm, her beautiful smile and her performance into a perfect 
mixture of art and magic. She fuses traditional and modern magic to make dreams come true. Huang Zheng 

will give you a glimpse into her world of original ideas and share with you her creativity which
will have a strong visual impact on you.

With her world famous act she has won numerous awards. Here are just a few:
Mystic Craig Award SAM, Mandrake d’Or, New-Star Award, ...

Dani DaOrtiz (SPAIN)

Dani DaOrtiz is crazy….and insanely good. He is a young card master from Spain, who quickly gained a
reputation as one of the best and most original card magicians in the world.

He is the publisher of the Spanish magazine El Manuscrito and has also authored multiple books in
Spanish as well as a couple of DVDs in English. Wherever he goes he leaves his audience with nothing
but amazement with his seemingly impromptu magical wonders. 

For the first time, Dani DaOrtiz will be performing and lecturing at a German convention.
We are sure it won’t be the last time!!!

Mr. Crystal (GERMANY)


Mr. Crystal let’s a ball of glass fluidly glide around his hands, arms, shoulders and head. Without leaving
his body, the ball travels ways that are seemingly impossible. His highly polished balance allows him to even
use multiple balls in this astounding act.

Contact juggling is a quite young form of juggling in which one or multiple balls are rolled over your body.
This form of art is a combination of magic, pantomime, dancing and juggling. It was largely brought into the
public through the movie “Labyrinth”, where David Bowie plays a mean Goblin-King, who is seen to
contact juggle crystal balls in some scenes. The hands we see actually belong to the performance artist
Michael Moschen. And even though there are only two kind of tricks in the movie (the Butterfly
and the Rotating Pyramid), there are plenty, plenty more!

Be prepared for a balancing act extraordinaire!

Joshua Jay (USA)

Joshua Jay Joshua Jay has had numerous TV appearances on magic specials as well as on shows like
Good Morning America, CNN and the TODAY Show. As a performer and lecturer he has traveled to more than
50 countries and is repeatedly booked by aspiring politicians and important personalities. Jay can often be found performing
at the world renowned Magic Castle and has authored two of the most bestselling books on magic (one of which has been
translated into five languages and is now in its fourth printing). Furthermore, he is a regular columnist for MAGIC, the world’s
largest magazine for magicians and functions as a consultant for different multi-national toy manufacturers like Marvel Comics.

On the side, Joshua Jay has of course won numerous awards. In 1998, for example, he became champion of the
World Magic Seminar. In 2009 he was named “Magician of the Year” by Primio Magia, the Latin American
Council of Magic. And in 2013 he will be part of Nordisch Nobel!

Richard Osterlind (USA)

Richard Osterlind has been a mentalist for over 35 years and has worked for countless big companies.
He was booked for the Sheraton Great Wall in Peking, Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo, Casa de Campo in
the Dominican Republic as well as plenty more renowned resorts all over the world. Richard Osterlind is a speaker,
author and teacher of magic and mentalism as well as the inventor of many magical effects.

Ever since the release of his groundbreaking DVD series “Mind Mysteries” (produced by L&L Publishing),
Richard is recognized as one of the leading teachers of the art of mental magic. A poll by Dr. Todd Landman,
featured in his London “Mentalism Meetings” (Tabula Mentis), says that Osterlind is the most influential
mentalist in history, even more than Tony Corinda or Theodore Annemann. Since then he has published 25 teaching
DVDs as well as 16 books on the subject of mentalism including his public work called “Mind Over Matter”.

Following his video series “Mind Mysteries” he and Jim Sisti began working on another L&L DVD project – “Corinda’s
13 Steps to Mentalism starring Richard Osterlind.” The project was intended to visually teach what Corinda
had written in his monumental book on mentalism.

Corinda’s book is regarded as the most fundamental work on mentalism. Needles to say Osterlind’s DVD project
was one of the most anticipated projects in the magic and mentalism community. Shortly before Corinda’s death, he mailed a
letter to Osterlind congratulating him on the good work he and the producers have done. Osterlind has been featured
on many covers of the most renowned magic magazines and has won numerous awards including the very
prestigious “Milbourne Christopher Award” for brilliant contributions to the magical art.

Richard Osterlind still travels the world for company events and to visit magic clubs to teach his brand of mental magic.
In 2013 you will be able to experience Richard Osterlind at “Nordisch Nobel.”

Sebastian Nicolas (GERMANY)

Sebastian Nicolas´ specialty is manipulation, the most classic form of magic which entirely relies on the skillfulness
of the performer’s hands to accomplish various feats of wonder. Clocks appear, vanish and melt to dust, playing cards
appear out of nowhere and a sphere transforms into a pocket watch in mid-air. Using unique ideas and great stage energy,
Sebastian not only bends time but also the minds of his audience.
He not only became German Champion of Magic but also finished in second place at the 2009 FISM World Championships
of Magic in Bejing and has traveled to more than 20 countries with his act “Mystical Minutes”. 
In 2013 he will be part of “Nordisch Nobel”!

Axel Toby (GERMANY)

Axel Toby has been presented many international and national awards for his act. Among other things he
became German Champion of Magic in general magic, Austrian Youth Champion and finished 1st place at the
Prix Juventa Magica in Berlin.

In Axel’s zany and comedic act the audience experiences a young, frisky magician who is bringing his bathroom to life.
Just by himself he showcases the love life of toothbrushes and rubber ducks, spiced up with astounding effects
and entertaining comedy.

Eric Jones (USA)

Eric Jones is one of the most aspiring stars in magic. He has made himself a big name in the
world of close-up magic. Armed with incredible dexterity and his charming personality, he is going to astonish you.
He creates amazing effects right in front of you and even in your own hands. Whenever Eric begins his magic, cards
fly through the air, coins multiply and the spectators cheer and applaud. 

As an award-winning performer Eric has appeared at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood as well as the show
“Monday Night Magic” (the longest running magic show in New York). Despite his very busy schedule, Eric finds the
time to travel the world and teach his amazing style of magic through lectures and special guest appearances.

Eric Jones has worked for stars like Kanye West, Missy Elliott, Howie Long, Dave Matthews, Robert Hays, David Allen Grier,
Holly Robinson,… And in 2013 he will be part of “Nordisch Nobel”!

Patrick Lehnen (GERMANY)

Patrick Lehnen will astonish and amaze you. You will feel it as soon as it happens!
Patrick strives to redefine the old cliché of a magician. Entertainment is clearly the most important part of his act. 
You won’t find any boring stories where nothing seems to happen.
Instead, you will experience a cascade of incredible effects performed in a charming manner.

Patrick Lehnen finished second place in card magic at the last FISM world championships and 
will be demonstrating his electrifying impact on our Nordisch Nobel audience.
Hair will literally stand on end! 


Gigi & Lulu, the Assistants’ Revenge! (or: The Bunnies go Magic)

The performance of famous magician “Ramazotti the Great” has been announced. He truly believes in the 
ingenuity of his own show and his two bunnies have proven to be reliable stagehands and beautiful for the eyes. 
When Ramazotti doesn’t appear for the show, Gigi and Lulu take their chance to showcase their own talent. 
All hell breaks lose! Great dance routines are combined with amazing magic effects.
Be prepared for a fusion of wit, touching chanson, jiggy music and a whole lot of surprise.
There’s nothing left to be desired! Promised!